Monday 4 October 2010

Sunglasses? It's pouring!

After life getting in the way for a few weeks, I actually managed to get back out on the trails on Saturday, and the had chance to test out a couple of new bits of kit. The first was my Thulé ProRide 591 roof-mounted carrier. Great bit of kit, snagged at a bargain half-price on ebay (brand new, too). It's a revelation not having to finagle the bike into the boot, back seats down.

Secondly, I was wearing my new Bollé Venom sunglasses, despite the truly horrible weather. For those of you who don't know, I need prescription lenses. Not all the time; only when I need to see things. And I don't wear contact lenses.

I went for the Venoms because they don't scream "Cycling Nerd" and, crucially, with Bollé products the prescription can be applied direct to the glazing, with no need for inelegant inserts that sit too close to my eyes for comfort. The downside is that this is VERY expensive, and as the lenses are curved extra measurements need to be taken to get the prescription right.

If you're thinking of something similar, pay the extra and get your own optician to sort this out. Ordering online just isn't an option - they'll guess at your pupil position and if they are even slightly out everything will go all weird whenever you're not looking straight ahead. Not good. So, while I'm here, a word about my optometrist, Kilgour. I absolutely will not trust anyone else with my eyes. My Optometrist, Carol, and my dispensing optician, Douglas, are both excellent. Together they take really good care of my peepers and sort out my all my bespectacled needs.

Given that a dark pair and a clear pair would have been prohibitively expensive, I went for photochromatic lenses. Pricier than a tinted pair, but more versatile too.

I love them! To have my eyes completely protected from the elements was such a wonderful experience. I think these might be my new favourite thing! And at £310, that's probably just as well!

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